Our  Mission

The Southeastern Wood Producers Association (SWPA) is an association whose sole purpose is to represent and support professional timber harvesting businesses. Since 1990 SWPA has been the leading voice for logging companies in Georgia and Florida. The SWPA board of directors have dedicated themselves to an important mission. The mission is to protect the interests and stability of reputable harvesting-transport companies and to be a player in supporting proactive positions on issues that affect our industry.

    • Establish a positive public image of wood producers
    • Provide quality continuing education workshops
    • Provide legislative liason services for our members
    • Encourage responsible environmentalism
    • Report news and economic data
    • Monitor workers compensation & other 
    • "cost of doing business" issues

As we continue to work on major goals, we are constantly assisting wood producers in a number of ways. We are as close as your telephone and have already proven that our service more than off-sets the cost of dues. We pledge to diligently search for solutions to your problems with professionalism and dignity, and it is in this spirit that we urge wood producers to "get involved" by standing up and being counted as a part of this organization.


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