I learn something that saves or makes money for my business each and every time I go to an SWPA logger's meeting.

Dillon Stratton, DM Stratton, Inc.

I tried the RM 185 on my steer axle for a while, but experienced a lot of uneven wear and a short life. I switched to the RM 234 and have had great service out of it. The SWPA Tire Program really saves us a lot money! (Member Experience Using SWPA's Commercial Tire Purchase Partner)

Tracy Walden, Donald Walden Inc.

I bought two new SWPA Purchase Program (Primex 30.5 26 ply) Forestry Tires and saved over $800.00 on the purchase. I just saved enough to pay my SWPA dues for two years and believe I will save more before this year is out. Thank you SWPA for an excellent member benefit!

Jerry Gray, Gray Logging LLC

The contacts I have made at SWPA events have been invaluable to me as a business owner in today's logging business environment

Tommy Rollins, TAR Land and Timber

My family, my employees and my business are grateful for all that the association does on our behalf in getting timely information out to us, representing us at the legislative level and in providing a central resource for all loggers and related business in Florid and Georgia...we can't imagine operating without the association behind us.

Keith Smith, Smith Brothers Logging Inc