Logger of the Year

2016 Outstanding Logger of the Year Recipents

2016 National  Outstanding Logger of the Year   M.A. Rigoni, Inc.  Perry, FL

2015 Outstanding Logger of the Year Recipents



Join SWPA in searching for Georgia and Florida’s outstanding loggers of the year!

Nomination Deadline for 2017:  March 17, 2017

Whether you are a forest landowner or industry professional, use this opportunity to nominate a professional timber harvesting business that has exceeded your expectations and is deserving of recognition.

Businesses nominated should be a credit to their profession and consistently demonstrate the qualities of an exceptional timber harvesting operation.

These include, but are not limited to:

    • compliance with all applicable laws
    • evidence of safety and loss control program
    • equipment maintenance practices
    • personnel management
    • environmental considerations
    • wood security practices 
    • business management 
    • sustainable harvesting 

Finally, the business must be a participant in Master Logger (in Florida) or Master Timber Harvester (in Georgia) programs and a resident of the state for which they are nominated.

The selection process will place significant emphasis upon evidence of sustainable harvesting and business practices.

All potential qualified harvesting businesses should be considered, regardless of operation size. Nominations will be reviewed and award recipients selected by the SWPA Joint Logger of Year Committees based on the highest point value attained during the evaluation process.

The SWPA Joint Committees include SWPA, industry, associated industry and merchants, and state SFI committee representatives.

Nominations must contain the following information:

    • business name and business owner’s name(s), 
    • address
    • best contact phone numbers
    • area of operation and a brief summary detailing why the nominee should be the Outstanding Logger of the Year. 

Anonymous nominations will be accepted provided the nomination package is complete and the nominee has agreed to participate.  

Initial consideration of nominees and site visits will be based on the information provided in the nomination.

Prior winners of this award must wait 10 years before becoming eligible for consideration in a current year.

SWPA will present the “Outstanding Logger of the Year” award at our Annual Meeting. The Georgia and Florida forestry associations may also choose to recognize recipients at their annual meeting events.

For more information, please contact Tommy Carroll at (478) 952-2809


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