Our Mission

The Southeastern Wood Producers Association (SWPA) is a non-profit organization founded by loggers for loggers with a mission to represent and support professional timber harvesting businesses. Since 1990, SWPA has been the leading voice for logging companies in Georgia and Florida. The SWPA board of directors has dedicated itself to this important mission. The primary objective is to protect the interests and stability of reputable harvesting-transport companies and to be a player in supporting proactive positions on issues that affect our industry. Some key issues are:

  • Establish a Positive Public Image of Wood Producers
  • Provide Quality Continuing Education Workshops
  • Provide Legislative Liaison Services for Members
  • Encourage Responsible Environmentalism
  • Report News & Economic Data
  • Monitor Workers’ Compensation & Other “Cost Of Doing Business” Issues

As the SWPA focuses on its primary objective, the staff and leadership respond frequently to members individual requests for assistance in helping resolve regulatory interpretation involving transportation and harvesting issues in both Georgia and Florida. This has lead to a more consistent application of these regulations and development of a system to challenge misinterpretation of the laws as well. The SWPA continues to lobby on issues of logging companies at the state level in Georgia and Florida. It also supports the American Loggers Council in lobbying on federal laws affecting logging companies throughout the United States.

Many educational resources and events are offered by the SWPA to educate its members on regulatory compliance as well as new technologies that will benefit the industry.

Check out the SWPA website at swpa.ag to learn more about the organization and ways for logging companies to help support the mission which is, “Loggers Supporting Loggers”.