2021 Logger of the Year

SWPA's very own Vice President, Jerry Gray has won Forest Resource Association's coveted National Logger of the Year.  We are proud to have him on leadership and commend him on bringing home the bacon this year!


Gray Logging Crew

About Jerry Gray & Gray Logging:

“Logging seems to be something you are born into. You never hear about someone quitting a stockholder gig to ‘live the life of a logger.'" That’s a quote from Jerry Gray in an article for The Forestry Review, and it certainly holds true for him. Jerry Gray was born in 1961 into a logging family. His dad, W.C. Gray, worked in the log woods, even logging out west for a time, and started his own logging company in 1971 when Jerry was just 10 years old.

Since that age, Jerry has “lived" in the woods. At 13, he was using a chainsaw. At 15, he was driving a cable skidder. At 18, upon graduation, he was full-time in the woods. At age 40, he became the manager of Gray Logging, LLC. That was nearly 16 years ago. During those 16 years, Jerry has been proud of the many achievements he and Gray Logging, LLC have accomplished. Under his leadership, the company has grown from one to two logging crews. He also co-owns Genesis Timber, LLC with his son-in-law, Matt Webb.

Today, Jerry still loves the woods as he did as a little boy. Today, combined with that love, Jerry has a passion, a knowledge, and the experience to handle various timber needs. He is excited about the future, helping land owners with their needs and being a part of the timber industry.

swpa pioneer award & LOGGER OF THE YEAR Award recipients

2020 SWPA Pioneer Award Recipient
Dillon M. Stratton

Dillon M. Stratton, Jr.
DM Stratton, Inc.
Bayard, FL

Dillon M. Stratton, Jr. is a 2nd generation logger.  He purchased his first log truck and trailer in 1970, later taking over Loading and Hauling for his father.  In 1986, he took over the business, and his son is currently the 3rd generation logger in the business for over 50 years.  Dillon was born and raised in Bayard, Florida, where he still resides today.  Dillon has seen many ups and downs throughout his time in the industry.  He has had to make and stand by some tough decisions over the years.  His strong faith in the Lord and the help of his family has got him through the trying times.  He is known for his thorough record-keeping and knew his cost down to the penny per gallon of fuel he used.  Dillon always wanted the best for his fellow loggers and never looked to them as competitors but as friends.  He has been with SWPA since the first meeting, often doing whatever it took to keep the association going.  Dillon put his heart and soul into this association and never for his gain but his fellow loggers.


  • Charles Johns - Johns & Conner, Inc.  Hilliard, FL

2018 Logger of the Year  - no nominations

2017 Outstanding Logger of the Year Recipents

  • Florida - D&S Timber, Inc.  Live Oak, FL
  • Georgia - Daniel Dunagan, Inc.  Rome, GA

2016 Outstanding Logger of the Year Recipents

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  • Georgia - Hood Timber & Landscaping Products -  Adel, GA
  • 2016 National  Outstanding Logger of the Year   M.A. Rigoni, Inc.  Perry, FL

2015 Outstanding Logger of the Year Recipents

  • Florida - M.A. Rigoni, Inc. - Perry, FL
  • Georgia - Triple J Logging - Summerville, GA